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  • June Atlantic LNG production drops 16% year on year
    来源: 发布日期:2016-08-13 21:51:05 发布者: 共阅915次 字体:

        LNG production at Trinidad-based gas liquefaction complex Atlantic LNG totaled 2.0 million cubic meters in June, down 16% year on year, according to a bulletin released Thursday by Trinidad and Tobagos Energy Ministry. 

    The decline continues the trend of reduced production at the facility for the past 17 months compared with year-ago figures. 

    Point Fortin-based Atlantic LNG has been struggling with ongoing natural gas curtailments by producers in Trinidad, which have impacted supplies since about 2010. 

    The shortfalls stem from disruptions caused by upgrades to major gas infrastructure and a collapse in upstream investment by the largest gas producers in Trinidad. 

    June LNG sales and deliveries from Atlantic were 44.2 million MMBtu, down 20% year on year, the report said. 

    The companys sales and deliveries of NGLs in June totaled 383,382 barrels, down 20% year on year. 

    Atlantic operates and manages four LNG trains in Point Fortin, with each train owned by a holding company comprised of different companies. 

    The shareholders are BP; BG; Shell LNG; Summer Soca LNG Liquefaction; and the National Gas Co. of Trinidad and Tobago, according to the company. 

    The seven gas producers operating in Trinidad and Tobago produced an average 3.3 Bcf/d of gas in June, down 13% year on year. 

    The countrys LNG sector used 1.6 Bcf/d of gas in June, down 17% on the year, according to the report.


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