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  • 公告 【1】CPHI China exhibition press conference [2016-08-13]
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  • China finds Asia's third-largest reserve of manganese ore in Guizhou
    来源: 发布日期:2016-08-13 22:13:16 发布者: 共阅835次 字体:

    China has discovered Asias third-largest manganese reserves in Guizhou province, Songtao county, local authorities said last Friday. Citing a report by the Guizhou Bureau of Geology and Mineral resources, the China mining association said that a reserve of 106 million mt of manganese ore had been discovered in the county. 

    The bureau could not be reached for comment, however. 

    Earlier in 2016, local authorities reported the discovery of a reserve of more than 192 million mt of manganese ore in Guizhou province. 

    China is the largest consumer of manganese and relies heavily on imports. At present, South Africa is the largest producer of manganese ore, producing 6,200 mt in 2015, according to the US Geological Surveys Mineral Resources Program. China is the second-largest producer, with 3,000 mt in 2015. 

    The Platts weekly assessment for 44% ores was $3/dmtu CIF Tianjin, last week, while 37% manganese ore was assessed at $2.50/dmtu CIF Tianjin.

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